Climate mitigation and carbon management

Tailoring solutions in carbon management to your priorities

At Barr, we believe in a holistic approach to addressing climate concerns. We’ll help you define realistic goals, stay on schedule, and incorporate new, innovative technologies that help you advance long-term sustainability goals. Recognizing the significant impact of energy usage on carbon intensity, we specialize in resourceful energy management within projects. As we guide you in exploring and choosing your optimal combination of renewable energy, energy storage, efficiency upgrades, and electrification, you’ll successfully navigate the complex landscape of sustainable development.

Our focus extends far beyond the basics. We explore avenues to reduce carbon intensity and transform carbon into value-added products. From designing sustainable landscapes to incorporating innovative carbon-capture technology to using alternative fuels like renewable natural gas, hydrogen, and ammonia, Barr offers a wide spectrum of decarbonization services. Our goal is to solve for your immediate climate concerns and to support you as you plan for what’s next—moving from practical solutions to innovative approaches that change the climate-resiliency equation for your organization.

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