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Sizing Hydrodynamic Separators and Manholes


SHSAM (Sizing Hydrodynamic Separators And Manholes) is a computer program for predicting the amount of suspended sediments removed from stormwater runoff by a given hydrodynamic separator/standard sump over a given period of time, e.g. 15 years. SHSAM is comprised of a simple continuous runoff model and a generic sediment removal response function.

The program predicts the removal efficiency of the tested models and can predict the removal efficiency of non-tested models. Experience has shown accurate results in test situations and reasonable results for non-test situations. However, the accuracy of the program depends on the information regarding the particle size, particle density and influent concentration. Since the users often do not have that information, no warranty of accuracy can be given. In spite of that, the program is a powerful tool to determine the device type and size suitable for each specific site.


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