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Jed Greenwood

Vice President, Senior Geotechnical Engineer

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Jed Greenwood has nearly 15 years of geotechnical engineering experience and has worked extensively on the investigation and design of tailings dams for U.S. and Canadian mining clients and flood-protection levees and dams for municipal clients. His project work has ranged from the design and analysis of levees, floodwalls, and dams to forensic analysis of landslides to seepage analysis and stabilization measures for natural and constructed slopes. He has also been involved in the analysis of slopes for open-pit mines in North America and internationally. He is an expert on the shear strength and compressibility of Lake Agassiz clays and has published on a number of geotechnical engineering topics, including Lake Agassiz clays, soil mechanics, and slope stabilization. Jed is also skilled in numerical modeling using finite difference and finite element techniques.


(952) 832-2773


Certified Engineering Geologist (CA, OR, WA)

Geotechnical Engineer (CA)

Professional Engineer (AB, AK, CA, CO, MB, MI, MN, MT, ND, NL, NT, NV, NY, SK, TX)

Professional Geologist (AB, BC, CA, MN, NL, NT, SK, WA, WI)

Registered Geologist (OR)


ME, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

BGE, Geological Engineering, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities


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