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Jeong-Yun Won

Senior Geotechnical Engineer

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Jeong-Yun Won has nearly two decades of industry and academic experience in soft-marine-clay characterization as well as onshore and offshore geotechnical engineering. His extensive work in site characterization includes in-situ and laboratory testing. His offshore geotechnical engineering experience has involved site characterization; design of shallow foundations, subsea hybrid foundations, and suction piles; seismic studies for offshore pipeline; and pipe-soil interaction studies.

Jeong-Yun’s onshore geotechnical work covers traditional shallow and deep foundations, emergency remediation works for slope failures, and high-profile projects such as the Hurricane Katrina recovery project for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the urban and non-urban levee evaluation for California’s Department of Water Resources. He has also developed his own finite-element-analysis software for finite strain self-weight consolidation and nonlinear consolidation analyses.


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