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Laurie Goldner

Senior Environmental Consultant

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Laurie has more than three decades of experience in the environmental field, helping industrial and public clients assess and clean up sites affected by hazardous substances such as pesticides, petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, PCBs, coal tar, and metals. In particular, she designs and implements remedies involving the removal and off-site disposal of hazardous wastes and contaminated soil. She also assists clients with regulatory negotiation and compliance.

Laurie's project management experience encompasses planning, costing, budget tracking, reporting, personnel scheduling, and subcontractor management. In addition, she supports team members with project planning, quality control, and review of final deliverables.

Before she joined Barr, Laurie served as president of Salt Lake City consulting firm Sage Environmental, LLC.


(801) 333-8427


PhD, Zoology, Univeristy of Georgia


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