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Aaron Grosser

Vice President, Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Aaron waterskiing
Growing up, Aaron Grosser liked to try to figure out how things worked.

“At my grandparents’ house, I would take my father’s old toys apart and put them back together,” said Aaron. “As I got older, I built things with my father and helped out with construction projects around the yard and at our cabin.”

A summer construction job reinforced his desire to attend college to become an engineer.

“The company’s owners were licensed engineers, and I think they gave me the worst jobs to make sure I didn’t like it too much,” laughed Aaron. “They told me I’d enjoy going to college more.”

After dabbling in electrical and mechanical engineering his first year at Michigan Tech, Aaron found himself drawn in an unexpected direction.

“I had an internship where I performed materials testing and eventually operated and managed drilling equipment,” said Aaron. “I was always interested in mining and heavy industrial projects, but this got me interested in soil behavior and geotechnical construction. Geotechnical conditions are really what these projects are founded on.”

Aaron graduated with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering with an emphasis on geotechnical and structural engineering. Six months later, however, he was feeling unsatisfied and considering a different career path. Instead, he decided to return to school to better understand soil behavior and its implications for design and construction. After earning his master’s, he completed a short stint at a firm in southern Michigan and then joined Barr.

One of Aaron’s first projects at Barr—and one on which he continues to work more than 15 years later—involves the evaluation and design of earth dams.

“I’ve easily put in the most hours on this project over my career,” said Aaron. “It’s been challenging due to site conditions and the peer review process, but it’s also given me the opportunity to work with other experts.”

And Aaron is always reading the latest geotechnical research journals.

“I like to do research and play with the latest geotechnical gadgets,” said Aaron. “That actually led to expanding Barr's instrumentation services as well to speaking at conferences.”

While Aaron enjoys visiting project sites, he does like to take a break. Weekends are family time with his wife and daughters, and he likes to water ski several times a week.

“I water ski barefoot and like to teach kids how to do it safely,” said Aaron. “Once the ice is out, I’m at our Wisconsin cabin every weekend, basically until the ice returns.”