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Corey Mead

Vice President, Senior Environmental Engineer

Corey and Kristin by Great Salt Lake at Antelope Island State Park
Cross-country skiing with Barr colleague Rick Palm (on left)
Enjoying the view of SLC from Ensign Point
Corey and Kristin Mead are always up for an adventure.

Twenty-two years ago, the Minnesota natives moved to Alaska, where Corey earned a master’s degree in environmental engineering while working first as a refinery operator then as an environmental engineer at a refinery near Fairbanks. They returned to Duluth after seven years, and Corey worked as an environmental engineer for a pipeline company then for a refinery before joining Barr in 2008. When Barr announced plans for an office in Salt Lake City, they decided it was time for another adventure.

According to Corey, a senior environmental specialist, the move offers more than a change of scenery. It also gives him a chance to expand Barr’s services to fuels clients in the western U.S. and introduce our services to prospective clients in Utah and the Rocky Mountain region.

Away from work, Corey and Kristin are taking advantage of Utah’s abundant recreational opportunities. They greeted a recent 12-inch snowstorm with enthusiasm.  

“When we lived in northern Minnesota, we had a lot of years living out in the woods and building our house, but we always seemed to be a little too busy (for outdoor pursuits). Now, we’re biking, hiking, and skiing—taking advantage of the opportunities that exist just minutes from Salt Lake City.”