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Twin Cities metro area groundwater flow model updated

June 12, 2014

Metro Model 3, the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metro area’s groundwater flow model, is used to evaluate groundwater use and appropriations as well as for regional water planning. Barr recently completed a major update to the model, including expanding its domain to include 11 counties in and around the Twin Cities area.

Significant technical changes to the model include adding transient simulation capabilities to account for temporal variations in aquifer stresses and changes in aquifer storage. The updated Metro Model 3 also takes a new approach to: 

  • defining aquifer properties in model cells representing Quaternary deposits
  • capturing the effect of secondary porosity/permeability features near the bedrock contact with overlying Quaternary deposits
  • distinguishing between infiltration of water below the root zone and groundwater recharge at the water table

Metro Model 3 is available to government and private users at Metropolitan Council's website.