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Lignite Energy Council honors Philip Solseng and John Lee

October 6, 2014

At its 41st annual meeting in Bismarck, North Dakota, the Lignite Energy Council recognized Barr’s Philip Solseng and John Lee for their contributions and dedication to the lignite industry. Lignite is a form of coal, and 25 billion tons of it are economically recoverable in North Dakota, according to the LEC. Their mission is to protect, maintain, and enhance the development of lignite in that region.

Jason Bohrer, LEC president and CEO, presented the Distinguished Service Award–Research & Development Program to Philip and John. He stated that “it is significant to recognize these two for their leadership and willingness to participate and understand the advanced technologies to preserve and enhance North Dakota’s lignite future.” During the past year, John and Philip have researched the best uses for lignite and traveled to symposiums in Australia and Germany, where use of lignite is expanding.

To learn more about the lignite industry, visit the LEC’s website.
Lignite Energy Council honors Philip Solseng and John Lee