Barr Engineering and Environmental Science Canada Ltd. opened in Calgary, AB, in 2010
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taking the show underground

May 31, 2017

Recently, a public radio news crew accompanied Barr engineers as they inspected a stormwater tunnel under the city of Minneapolis. As part of a project for the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization and Minneapolis Public Works Department, Barr is inspecting the Old Bassett Creek Tunnel to map deficiencies and assess the quantity and composition of sediment deposits. The tunnel used to carry Bassett Creek to the Mississippi River but now mostly handles local stormwater along with some creek flow under flood conditions. In the early 1990s, Barr and the Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission helped plan a new tunnel that now carries the creek to the river.

Click here to read the news item from Minnesota Public Radio and to listen to the radio broadcast.
taking the show underground
Photo courtesy of Mississippi Watershed Management Organization