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gardening for People Reaching Out to People

May 9, 2018

PROP (People Reaching Out to People), a nonprofit organization in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, works to alleviate hunger and homelessness for local families. In 2017, Amy Meulebroeck developed plans for—and then built and planted—a community garden at PROP’s site to provide fresh fruit and vegetables to the food shelf. 

The project’s success inspired a group of Barr staff members to collaborate on a plan to build additional raised beds in PROP’s garden and bid on a day of labor from Barr president and chief operating officer, John Lee and Greg Keil, respectively, during the annual charitable auction in December. 

Last week, John and Greg—along with other Barr employees and family members—helped construct the raised beds. The employees’ winning bid benefited local charities twice, with their cash donation going to area food shelves and the building project yielding fresh produce for PROP. For more information on the organization, visit PROP’s website.

gardening for People Reaching Out to People