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solar thermochemical technology receives U.S. patent

May 22, 2018

Prior to joining Barr, senior process engineer Dan Palo worked on research projects at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, including the development of solar thermochemical technology for converting natural gas to syngas (a fuel gas mixture consisting of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen), hydrogen, and synthetic liquid fuels. The Solar Thermochemical Advanced Reactor System (STARS) uses a parabolic dish concentrator, a chemical reactor, and several heat exchangers to turn natural gas into syngas. The system set a world record by converting 69 percent of the solar energy hitting its mirrored dish into chemical energy contained in syngas, which can be used to be make electricity and synthetic transportation fuels.

Since joining Barr, Dan has remained involved in the project. Barr assisted with system-design updates, safety documentation and reviews, operator training, system commissioning, and a pilot-scale demonstration. Recently, this technology received a United States patent, with Dan listed as one of the inventors, and was showcased at the California Air Resources Board’s 50th Anniversary Technology Symposium and Showcase at the University of California, Riverside.

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solar thermochemical technology receives U.S. patent
Dan Palo (left) and Bob Wegeng (right) of STARS Technology Corporation at the University of California, Riverside