Barr Engineering and Environmental Science Canada Ltd. opened in Calgary, AB, in 2010
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Lynne Thomsen, Robert Mugo, and Julie Miller join Barr

July 25, 2018

Barr adds a senior civil engineer in Bismarck, a senior environmental consultant in Calgary, and a senior air quality engineer in Minneapolis.

Senior civil engineer Lynne Thomsen, PE, joins Barr with experience managing projects involving the preparation of permit applications and regulatory compliance documents; civil engineering design for industrial, commercial, and residential buildings; and stormwater and utility inspections.

Robert Mugo, PhD, joins Barr as a senior environmental consultant with 22 years of experience managing projects with environmental, social, and regulatory aspects for companies in the mining, pipeline, oil-and-gas, and infrastructure sectors. 

Julie Miller, PE, a senior air quality engineer, has returned to Barr, where she worked for 15 years before leaving for a position in the energy industry. Julie manages air-permitting and regulatory-compliance projects and has particular expertise related to rules for reciprocating internal-combustion engines.