Barr has sponsored and staffed Habitat for Humanity workweeks every year since 1995

our culture
our work reflects our values

Barr’s culture has earned our firm repeated recognition as a “best place to work” locally and nationally. Our core values, rooted in employee ownership, include:  

commitment to client service: accountability, a strong work ethic, and an understanding of technical, business, and market issues

collaboration: teamwork, flexibility, and collegiality

consistent contribution: going the extra mile for our clients, co-workers, and communities

caring for one another: safety, ethical conduct, recognition and reward, and respect for one another’s backgrounds, opinions, and beliefs

These values make a difference to society and the environment. Some examples:

  • Our staff includes nearly three times as many women engineers and managers, and almost twice as many women scientists, as is the norm based on workforce availability. One reason is that Barr supports flexibility in work schedules, roles, and responsibilities over the course of employees’ careers.
  • Through an alternative commuting program, Barr supports employees who bike and walk to work, carpool, use public transit, and telecommute (in fact, Metro Transit named us Employer of the Year in its 2015 Commuter Choice Awards). These efforts reduce the amount of CO2 entering the atmosphere by more than 100,000 pounds annually (view our environmental policy).
  • Barr’s average OSHA recordable incident rate for 2011 through 2014 was half the standard rate for engineering-services firms—a reflection of our commitment to working safely.
  • At least 2 percent of our company’s net annual profits go to charities and support higher education (view our donations report).

In a recent national workplace survey, employees expressed their views on why Barr is a great place to work: 

“We get to have a voice in major company decisions and are well-informed about what’s happening within the organization.”

“The level of commitment from everyone who works here is amazing. It stems directly from the respect Barr has for each employee.”

“Our organizational structure and culture allow creativity yet keep the company on track and profitable.”

“The culture at Barr is like nothing I’ve ever encountered. All employee-owners are valued for their contributions and given many opportunities to participate and grow.”

For more information about our culture, see our careers section and “giving back”