Barr project work offers challenges as well as opportunities for learning and growth
working at Barr

contact information for our corporate headquarters:

Barr Engineering Company
4300 MarketPointe Drive, Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55435

Phone: 952-832-2600

Fax: 952-832-2601
Toll free: 800-632-BARR (2277)
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Intern Rebecca sampling water quality at Crystal Lake in Burnsville, Minnesota
Minneapolis interns take a break from work for a game of FootGolf (a combination of golf and soccer)
Intern Sierra inspecting the condition of spillway concrete at a hydro facility

We think the best internships offer opportunities for learning and earning while doing. At Barr, interns are part of our project teams, working alongside engineers and scientists. Our internships offer a chance to make use of what you’ve learned in school and to find out what life may be like after graduation.

An internship at Barr offers:

  • Mentoring from senior staff
  • Training in safety and the areas in which you’ll be working
  • Opportunities for travel and field work
  • Insight into how engineering and environmental projects actually work
  • Social interaction with other interns and younger engineers
  • Opportunities to participate in the full spectrum of Barr activities, both work and play