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plant expansion services

plant expansion services
Irathane Systems

three months of on-site engineering support aids in successful start-up of specialty manufacturing facility

Barr designed a 30,000-square-foot plant in Hibbing, Minnesota, to manufacture pipes with a special lining for abrasive liquids and slurries, primarily for the oil sands industry in western Canada. We worked with our client, Irathane Systems and its Iracore International division, and other contractors to design structural and mechanical systems, interior and exterior lighting, the electrical service, power-distribution system, and plant-wide control system. The plant has 12 programmable logic controllers with custom operator-interface screens that allow operators to monitor and control process equipment.

The facility was the first of its kind to use a new, patented process to apply the special lining to the pipes, and last-minute changes were required to modify operations for peak performance. Barr engineers worked on site nearly every day for three months to facilitate start-up. Built in 2007 to fulfill a single order, the Iracore plant is still in operation.