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refinery expansion permitting

refinery expansion permitting
Tesoro Corporation
North Dakota

collaborative approach leads to prompt permit issuance

When Tesoro Corp. decided to undertake an expansion project at its Mandan, North Dakota, refinery to increase production by nearly 20%, the company turned to Barr for assistance applying for an air quality “permit to construct.”

Our engineers worked with Tesoro staff to develop a permitting strategy that not only achieved compliance with all applicable state and federal permitting standards, but avoided major-source thresholds, expedited the construction schedule, maximized future operational flexibility, and minimized application expenses. Barr completed the permit application within three months, and regular communication with the North Dakota Department of Health and key stakeholders in Tesoro facilities nationwide helped secure a prompt regulatory review. The refinery received a permit to construct the expansion on a schedule that helped Tesoro take advantage of critical economic incentives.