Alexa Gradin

Alexa Gradin

Alexa has nearly five years of geological engineering experience, specifically in slope stabilization. At Barr, she conducts onsite geotechnical investigations and fieldwork including drilling observation, soil-boring sampling, and soil classification. She also assists with electrical-resistivity, cone-penetrometer, dilatometer, and vane-shear testing for projects related to windpower, solar energy, levee design, mine haul-road design, and slope stabilization. Alexa has performed seepage and slope-stability modeling of landslide-failure zones, levee embankments, and mine highwalls and tailings basins; installed and collected data for standpipe and vibrating-wire piezometers, dataloggers, and inclinometers; and assisted in total-station instrumentation monitoring and updates.



Geotechnical Engineer


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