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At Barr, you’ll join like-minded engineers, scientists, and professionals who will help you achieve your ambitions and build a meaningful, rewarding career. You’ll serve as a trusted advisor to clients who value Barr’s tailored solutions and commitment to exceptional service.

You’ll discover that our company is different because our people and culture are different: We’ve built a vibrant, dynamic business by enabling staff to thrive as professionals—and working together as employee-owners to achieve collective wins.

Ready to own your success? Choose a company that invests in you.

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Open positions

Join a company that values your passion, creativity, and drive to make a difference. Explore opportunities at Barr.


Use what you’ve learned in school while you collaborate with experienced professionals on diverse challenges. At Barr, interns are part of our project teams, working alongside engineers and scientists.

Our culture

When you begin work at Barr, the difference is clear from day one. As part of our employee-owned firm, you’ll contribute to a culture of commitment and camaraderie. Our employee turnover rate averages less than half of others in our industry.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

We value diverse perspectives and experiences, and having an inclusive workplace is critical to our success. At Barr, we’re passionate about providing equitable access to opportunities and resources.


We invest in providing an employee experience that attracts and retains top talent. That’s why you’ll find a competitive package of employee benefits—including some offerings you won’t find at most other companies.

Career development

Learning doesn’t stop when you get your degree. Barr provides coaching, mentoring, and support for ongoing educational opportunities, all to foster professional development at every stage of your career.