Diversity, equity, and inclusion

A message from our CEO


Growing and embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into all aspects of our business and everyday work is a top priority for Barr. By supporting and encouraging individuals to show up authentically, Barr promotes a culture that values different perspectives and inspires both creativity and innovative problem-solving. This benefits everyone at Barr and our stakeholders—including clients. As the CEO, I’m committed to helping our company stay curious, drive our DEI initiatives forward, and continue to invest time and company resources for this crucial part of our work. 

- Ward Swanson, President & CEO

DEI at Barr

DEI success at Barr means that all dimensions of diversity are celebrated, including gender identity, neurodiversity, race, religion, sexual orientation, and much more. We strive to enable all staff to feel a strong sense of belonging within the Barr community, and to ensure that individuals are provided equitable access to opportunities, advancement, and resources.  

As an employee-owned client-centric organization, Barr believes that our people are our greatest asset—and having a diverse and inclusive workplace is critical to our success. Barr solves clients’ problems through technical expertise and creative solutions while building and sustaining long-term relationships. Barr recognizes the strong business case for DEI, and we based our DEI initiatives with the goals of recruiting and retaining top talent, fostering innovation and authenticity, and preparing for and adapting to future client needs. 

Barr has a DEI Employee Resource Group (DEI ERG) that serves as a resource for all Barr employees and works to help increase collaboration across Barr as we continue to grow and embed DEI into all aspects of the company.

“I feel that I am part of a team.”
12.2% above WSA global average
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Our DEI guiding principles

  1. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are desirable and beneficial for Barr and its stakeholders.
  2. Hiring the best employees requires a pipeline of candidates that includes a diverse range of talent.
  3. Promoting inclusion helps us achieve our goal of being a great place to work.
  4. To sustain a pipeline of diverse candidates, we will help nurture and grow that pipeline.

We value all elements of diversity and aim to provide an inclusive working environment where individuals feel supported and comfortable as their authentic selves. Barr is an equal opportunity employer and supports and encourages equal opportunity for all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, disability, or veteran status, and any other differences.