Empowering professional growth

Learning doesn’t stop when you leave school. Most professional development occurs on the job, as you face real challenges and solve real problems. At Barr, you’ll benefit from formal learning and development offerings—and you’ll have opportunities to work with and learn from experienced engineers, scientists, and technical professionals.

We provide the tools to help you set your own career development goals and feel supported as your authentic self. From learning a new skill set to diving into a new industry, you’ll take the lead in honing your professional skills and establishing your career trajectory.

Channel your passions

Barr uses a “free-market” approach to staffing projects, in which our employee-owners leverage internal networking connections to join projects and take on the challenges they choose to pursue. When you follow your passion to solve clients’ problems and advance their goals, everybody wins. You’ll be entrusted with building your own workload according to your individual work-life balance and professional goals. We have support mechanisms in place to help make sure each employee finds the balance of work they want.

Setting you up for success

New-employee support helps everyone get off to a good start. Each new employee has a sponsor (or sponsors) who’ll help you navigate your first few months at Barr. In addition, orientation sessions and a new-employee training program bring everyone up to speed on our company’s structure, values, and employee resources. For the first year, you’ll be invited to attend monthly lunch meetings that address topics such as how Barr conducts annual planning and how to build an internal network.

Develop your skills

Investing in our employees’ development makes us stronger. Barr provides learning and professional development opportunities through internal classes, webinars, workshops, and panel discussions. Topics include everything from technical and regulatory issues to interpersonal and leadership skills. We also support self-directed education. You can attend seminars and conferences, pursue an advanced degree, or get career-related training using an individual education account (IEA), which Barr provides for each employee.

Shape your career path

Once you’ve been at Barr for six months, you’ll select a coach (or mentor) who will help guide you through your career and day-to-day challenges and opportunities. Our coaching program will help you set short- and long-term goals and figure out how to best achieve them. Employees can also find a mentor through our optional mentoring program to learn a specific skill or explore career opportunities. In addition, relevant and timely conversations with colleagues, which are at the heart of our feedback program, promote personal and professional growth.


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