Joelyn Kozar

Joelyn Kozar

Joelyn’s passion lies in assisting clients with complex challenges involving reclamation, restoration, and rewilding — improving biodiversity and returning natural processes to environments that have been disrupted by humans. She has more than a decade of experience with wetland assessment, delineation, classification, restoration, and monitoring, and is qualified to sign off on wetland and environmental permitting in Canada's prairie provinces.

Joelyn applies her in-depth understanding of organisms’ interactions with each other and with their physical and chemical environments to projects for clients in the public, mining, and oil and gas sectors. Her expertise in both biology and the inner workings of environmental policy helps clients protect the environment and save money — sometimes millions of dollars — while doing so.



Senior Wetland Ecologist


Professional Biologist (AB)


CER, Ecology, University of Victoria

BS, Ecology, University of Alberta


Barr Engineering and Environmental Science Canada Ltd
1000 7th Avenue SW
Suite 450
Calgary, AB T2P 5L5
Phone: +1 403-592-8345


By: Joelyn Kozar

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