Barr receives patent for wind-turbine clamper plate

As the wind power industry grows, so has the size of wind turbine towers. Why? Higher “hub height” elevations cost-effectively take advantage of the stronger wind resources that exist at greater heights, many times with less topographical interference. However, transportation constraints currently limit the size of wind towers. Practical limitations also exist on the diameter and grade of anchor bolts that connect the tower to the foundation. Larger turbines are beginning to push the practical limits of steel strength. As wind turbines increase in size, it is essential to improve the method of mounting the wind tower to its foundation without increasing the tower’s diameter, while making sure the diameter and grade of anchor bolts remain practical. 

Barr’s structural engineers have developed an innovative “clamper plate” that attaches to the tower’s flange and allows additional anchor bolts to be installed, supporting the greater demand of taller wind-turbine towers. After a year-and-a-half application process, Barr recently received a U.S. patent for our “clamper plate.” We look forward to supporting our wind power clients’ goals of installing wind turbines at higher elevations. Contact Brian Tri for more information.


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