Water management

Water management includes a broad range of engineering and environmental services involving water storage, treatment, and distribution, as well as protection and restoration of wetlands, watersheds, lakes, and streams.

For over half a century, water management has been a fundamental part of Barr’s business. We help clients monitor and improve water quality, understand and protect groundwater and surface-water resources, and treat, store, and distribute the water their communities and facilities need. We assist them in managing stormwater to reduce pollution and prevent erosion, including implementing innovative best management practices. We support them in planning ahead: delineating floodplains, conducting hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, and designing flood-control structures. We work with them to protect natural resources now and in the future through watershed management planning, restoration of rivers, streams, and wetlands—and more.

Click here to watch a short video about how Barr helps clients manage, restore, and improve their water resources.

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