Water quality

Water management that works for all stakeholders

Is there a way to protect the long-term health of lakes, rivers, and streams, while also supporting economic development and industrial progress? Barr says yes. We have worked on water-quality projects for more than half a century, assisting watershed districts, local and federal agencies, and private clients with everything from TMDL studies—designed to help impaired water bodies meet environmental standards—to best management practices for mitigating pollution. 

Our engineers and scientists work at the leading edge of innovation to leverage green infrastructure and technologies in industrial processes that minimize impacts to water bodies. For cities and municipalities, we address a wide range of challenges related to the urbanization of watersheds. Our water-quality team has completed or is working on dozens of TMDL, watershed restoration and protection strategy (WRAPS) projects, and impaired waters studies for state agencies, watershed districts, and local governments. When it comes to ecological stormwater management, Barr understands that nature does it best, and we have developed innovative practices, such as rainwater gardens, that mimic natural systems. 

Project perception often hinges on community buy-in. So, we often support or lead stakeholder and community-engagement strategies to foster higher public awareness of water quality problems and acceptance of sustainable improvements.

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