Dale Kolstad

Dale Kolstad

Dale has nearly two decades of experience with projects involving civil and environmental engineering. He has provided design, specification, cost estimating, contracting, and construction management services on numerous tailings management and remediation projects for soil, sediment, and groundwater. Examples of his work include designing and writing specifications for contaminated sediment removal, overseeing an in-situ bio-remediation project for a former manufactured gas plant, and designing testing and monitoring programs for the atmospheric fines drying (AFD) of oil sands tailings.



Vice President
Senior Environmental Engineer


Professional Engineer (MI, MN, UT, AB, BC, NT)


MS, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Wisconsin - Madison

BS, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Iowa


Barr Engineering Co.
4300 MarketPointe Drive
Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55435
Phone: +1 952-832-2690

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