Logan Cole

Logan Cole

Logan, who has more than 12 years of experience with water permitting, brings regulatory and business perspectives to his consulting work on behalf of clients. Before joining Barr, he spent nine years with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Water Protection Program, serving first as an environmental specialist writing NPDES industrial stormwater permits, as well as state and NPDES operating permits, and then as the environmental supervisor of the agency’s NPDES enforcement group and MS4 coordinator.

Logan’s recent work includes auditing stormwater compliance, writing SWPPPs, and analyzing water quality data with respect to antidegradation, assimilative capacity, and proposed water-quality-standard derivations. Combined with his MBA, that in-depth knowledge of water-pollution rules and regulations allows him to roundly analyze complex permitting situations, share insights about regulators’ expectations, and develop strategies for achieving clients’ operational and business goals within compliance frameworks.



Senior Environmental Scientist


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