Nathan Brandner

Nathan Brandner

Nathan has nearly 15 years of experience in environmental site investigation and characterization, specializing in the development of complex and dynamic conceptual site models for advancing impacted sites toward closure. He manages a wide variety of projects, including former manufactured gas plants, environmental due diligence and brownfield projects, and active underground mining sites. Nathan has knowledge of a variety of sampling techniques, including soil, soil vapor, groundwater, and geophysical investigation techniques. His geophysical experience has included several years of electromagnetic induction, ground-penetrating radar, electrical resistivity, seismic refraction, and multichannel analysis of surface waves. Nathan has performed geotechnical field investigations, geologic risk assessments (e.g., karst and mass wasting), assessment and remediation of historic dump site, and pipeline construction and restoration services, such as permitting and right-of-way post-construction agricultural soil damage assessment. Additionally, he assists clients with stakeholder collaboration, including interactions and negotiations with attorneys and regulators.



Senior Geologist


MS, Geology, Western Michigan University

BS, Geology, Central Michigan University


Barr Engineering Co.
4771 50th Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
Phone: +1 616-512-7002

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