Troy Warner

Troy Warner

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Electrical Project Design, Jan 2024, AAW3

Troy has 18 years of project design experience. He specializes in designing power delivery and control systems for new and existing industrial facilities and seamless integration with existing electrical and control infrastructure. Troy has developed detailed designs for new lift stations and pumphouses, including new electrical utility services, power distribution, controls, and cost estimating. He also has experience with construction observation and support, development of construction and procurement specifications, and start-up and commissioning services.


Troy has nearly 15 years of experience with projects involving upper-level electrical-system engineering. He assists clients with the design of control room and motor control center layout plans, sizing of uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS) systems, field engineering, and onsite construction support and management. Troy also has experience with telecommunications systems and weather radar system software and hardware.



Senior Electrical Engineer


Professional Engineer (ID, MI, ND, SD)


BS, Electrical Engineering, University of North Dakota


Barr Engineering Co.
234 West Century Avenue
Bismarck, ND 58503
Phone: +1 701-255-5482

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