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wind-energy engineering services at Dry Lake

wind-energy engineering services at Dry Lake
Iberdrola Renewables

bringing geotechnical expertise to wind-energy development

For Arizona’s first wind-energy development, Barr teamed with Iberdrola Renewables for wind-turbine foundation design, electrical grounding design, and a two-phase geotechnical investigation on private, state, and Bureau of Land Management properties.

Dry Lake is a huge sinkhole, and the site sits next to an area of subsidence 50 miles long and 20 miles wide caused by the dissolution of deep salt beds. We helped assess the risks related to subsidence and, to mitigate potential risk, recommended that the turbines be set back from the escarpment edge. We also prepared a work-plan summary to convey to the BLM the minimal environmental impacts of the proposed work. This information proved helpful in finalizing the state and federal land agreements needed for the work to proceed.

Within a year of our completing the geotechnical report and foundation design, the Dry Lake windpower project was up and running, generating 63 megawatts of power from 30 turbines and contributing to energy sustainability in the American Southwest. Barr subsequently performed similar work at the Dry Lake II development, which comprises 31 turbines.