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property assessment

property assessment
confidential client
southern Michigan

A manufactured-gas plant (MGP) operated from approximately 1900 until 1945 beside a river in southern Michigan. Barr was hired to develop and implement a plan for completing investigations and moving toward an endpoint for the site.

Our team first researched historical site operations and identified potential source areas. We then conducted soil and groundwater investigations to identify source material. Source areas requiring remediation were prioritized to address those most likely to result in exceedances of the groundwater–surface-water interface criteria at the river.

Next, Barr directed the excavation of MGP source material and oversaw the demolition of buildings needed to provide access to a portion of the source material, which extended into the adjoining river. We performed sediment investigations; identified other potential contributors to sediment impacts in this historically industrial area; evaluated sediment remedial alternatives; and proposed an extent of sediment remediation based on multiple lines of evidence. We also evaluated exposure pathways and mitigated unacceptable exposures on a portion of the site now used as a city park.

The extent of the original facility has been fully defined in two directions, and restrictive covenants have been placed on two of the four parcels included within the facility's boundaries. Barr is currently defining the extent of the remaining MGP impacts at the site. In anticipation of requesting a no-further-action determination, we're also assisting our client in negotiations with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality concerning the extent of sediment remediation.