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environmental due diligence and brownfield planning services

environmental due diligence and brownfield planning services
ReConserve of Michigan

Michigan’s Brownfield Redevelopment Financing Act (Act 381) provides a method for financing environmental response activities on contaminated property. It allows municipalities to adopt brownfield redevelopment financing plans to capture property taxes from a contaminated property and reimburse the costs associated with conducting environmental response activities on the site.

When ReConserve of Michigan, the largest U.S. recycler of bakery-related food byproducts in the U.S., wanted to redevelop a property in Battle Creek for its new processing center, Barr was hired to prepare an Act 381 work plan to support redevelopment of the site.

After the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and Department of Environmental Quality gave preliminary approval for a list of activities for the site, a brownfield amendment plan was prepared. Barr then met with a construction company for cost estimates of activities and with MDEQ staff to discuss soil relocation within the project site and completed an Act 381 work plan for the project.

Barr’s preparation of the Act 381 work plan required input from other consultants and a meeting with stakeholders before submittal to the Michigan Strategic Fund board. We helped guide ReConserve the through the public meeting process, prepared meeting materials, assisted with the presentation, and ultimately represented our client at the final public meeting in front of the MSF board. Barr was able to help ReConserve obtain tax increment financing for up to $2.2 million in eligible activities for their redevelopment project.