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point-of-entry-treatment deployment and certification

point-of-entry-treatment deployment and certification
confidential client

helping obtain first-of-its-kind certification for PFAS treatment system

To address per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination—including perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluoro-octane sulfonate (PFOS)—in drinking-water wells, Barr was retained by a confidential client to assist in the rapid deployment of point-of-entry-treatment (POET) systems.

Barr’s initial challenge was to evaluate competing technologies (such as granular activated carbon and reverse osmosis) and prepare a side-by-side comparison of commercially available POET systems to support client decision-making and provide documentation to other stakeholders. After evaluating each system for ease of operation and maintenance, finished water quality, and contaminant destruction, Barr provided a summary of findings, a recommendation for POET selection, and a deployment and management plan for installing and operating water treatment systems in affected residences.

In response to inquiries from the public and regulators, the client requested that Barr evaluate options for obtaining third-party certification for the selected POET system from various independent testing firms. Barr worked with the POET manufacturer and the third-party certification firm to confirm the testing protocol, operating conditions, and timeline for completing the certification process.

Barr reviewed and validated challenge test data collected by the independent testing lab and also performed split sampling to confirm certification test results. These results were used to establish the validated capacity of the POET treatment system to reduce PFOA and PFOS below the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s lifetime health advisory level of 70 parts per trillion. When complete, this work will result in the first POET system certified by an independent third-party testing firm for PFAS reduction.

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