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penstock replacement at McClure Dam

penstock replacement at McClure Dam
Upper Peninsula Power Company

Barr helps to restore hydropower capacity of Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Owned and operated by the Upper Peninsula Power Company (UPPCO), the McClure Dam near Marquette, Michigan is one of five on the Dead River. With a peak capacity of eight megawatts, it generates enough electricity to power 8,000 homes. In 2007, the penstock—a pipeline that carries water from the dam to the powerhouse—ruptured, halting power production.

UPPCO asked Barr to evaluate repair and replacement options, and it became apparent that the 100-year-old pipeline had to be replaced. We designed a new spiral-weld steel penstock pipe over 13,000 feet long with control valves, drains, pressure-relief systems, and a leak-detection system consisting of ultrasonic flow meters near the intake and the powerhouse.