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environmental and engineering assistance

environmental and engineering assistance
Wyandotte Municipal Services
Wyandotte, Michigan

serving as trusted advisor helps keep power plant running smoothly

For several years, Barr has been working at Wyandotte Municipal Services’ power plant as a trusted advisor to help resolve issues related to compliance with environmental regulations. We have provided environmental services including on-site environmental compliance, compliance assistance for all environmental media, and major-source air permitting. We also act as an advocate in regulatory negotiations with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and state and local agencies.

As part of ongoing environmental compliance, Barr has helped WMS develop and implement plans for fugitive dust control; management of coal, tire-derived fuel, and other solid fuels; malfunction abatement; preventative maintenance for diesel-fired engines; compliance assurance for an electrostatic precipitator and baghouses; spill prevention, control, and countermeasures (SPCC); and mercury minimization, as well as plans related to acid rain and the Clean Air Interstate Rule.

In addition, Barr has provided a variety of engineering services, including pipe stress analysis, heat and material balances to optimize operational efficiency, root-cause analysis, stormwater design, combustion-turbine selection and design, and auxiliary-boiler selection. We are currently working with WMS on a design for additional combined
heat and power (CHP) equipment options.

Our work at the plant has also involved helping to resolve issues related to plant betterment and operations, as well as comply with flue-gas particulate-matter regulations. We have provided engineering services including a biomass test burn, coal-pile runoff studies, and assistance replacing a hot-side ESP (electrostatic precipitator) with a cold-side pulse-jet fabric filter.