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slope stabilization and corridor repair for state highway

slope stabilization and corridor repair for state highway
Veit & Company, Inc.
St. Louis and Carlton counties, Minnesota

More than 10 inches of rain fell over two days in June 2012, saturating the ground and causing massive slope failures along Minnesota Highway 210. These compromised the road’s structural integrity in several areas and washed out other sections. The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) selected the team of Veit & Company, Inc., Barr, and SRF Consulting to repair and stabilize 74 sites and rebuild approximately 3.5 miles of the highway, which runs through Jay Cooke State Park.

Barr began by conducting geotechnical investigations of soil, rock, and groundwater conditions to inform slope-stabilization designs. We completed more than 120 soil borings, performed in-situ strength testing, and installed inclinometers and piezometers to monitor groundwater pressure and ground movement. We then performed laboratory testing to develop soil-water characteristic curves for use in seepage and slope-stability modeling.

Our repair and stabilization designs use anchor-reinforced vegetated slopes, soldier pile walls, geocell toe buttresses with slope grading, and geosynthetically reinforced slopes. These lessen the risk of future failures, allow safe travel on the rebuilt highway, and will require minimal long-term maintenance. We also developed and oversaw installation of a GEMINI (geotechnical exploration, monitoring, instrumentation, notification, and informatics) instrumentation system to verify the integrity of the highway and surrounding slopes now and in the future.

The $21.3-million project was completed and the highway reopened in 2017.