work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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water-supply well siting and design

water-supply well siting and design
City of Chanhassen

city's wells completed on tight timeline despite complications

In the dry summer of 2007, Chanhassen, Minnesota, experienced some of its highest water demand. When water levels in one of the city’s source aquifers fell, two key supply wells failed. After reviewing the area’s geology, Barr prepared a site-specific groundwater flow model to analyze the cause of the failure and then used the results to site two new wells, which we designed. We were also asked to design a raw water pipeline to connect the wells to the city’s water treatment plant.

The new wells and water treatment plant were located in a fully developed section of the city, adding to the project's planning, alignment, permitting, design, and coordination requirements. We addressed these complications while meeting an aggressive timeline. By July 2008, Chanhassen had replaced the water supply it had lost the previous year and was able to reliably meet seasonal demand.