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environmental permitting for wastewater-treatment plant expansion

environmental permitting for wastewater-treatment plant expansion
Brainerd Public Utilities

putting NPDES permitting back on track

While Barr was helping Brainerd Public Utilities (BPU) with the bidding process for its future wastewater treatment plant, an obstacle to permitting presented itself.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency was scheduled to approve a new National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit for the plant when an agency study showed high concentrations of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), specifically perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS), at the facility. Our client needed to act fast to get the permit back on track—a loan for the facility upgrade was tied to permit approval. Working with plant staff, Barr helped identify local industries that might work with PFAS, collected samples, coordinated laboratory analysis, and found the major source, all within 10 days.

We also worked closely with the City of Brainerd's legal counsel and helped our client successfully avoid legal challenges from an environmental group after the NPDES permit was issued.

municipal PFAS