work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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manganese-mining demonstration plant

manganese-mining demonstration plant
Cooperative Mineral Resources

cultivating community support allows innovative mining project to proceed

Barr has assisted Cooperative Mineral Resources with environmental permitting, engineering, and public involvement for testing a new technology to mine the largest known high-grade deposit of manganese in North America. The borehole mining process injects pressurized water into a 14-inch-diameter underground well using a technique that requires no chemicals or major excavation to recover the manganese.

Although the technique should have minimal impact on the community and ecosystem, CMR understood that citizen support was critical to obtaining regulatory approval. Collaborating with public-affairs firm Goff & Howard, Barr developed an outreach strategy that engaged residents, businesses, and officials while it allayed environmental concerns. As a result, local citizens became advocates for the project.

We also helped CMR devise regulatory strategies for obtaining permits; provided engineering design for the slurry dewatering process and sitework; and installed a state-of-the art robotic survey station to monitor any ground subsidence resulting from the extraction process.

If the trial currently under way demonstrates that the project is economically feasible and environmentally sound, CMR will propose developing a commercial-scale mine.