work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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restoration of a drained wetland

restoration of a drained wetland
Kraemer Mining & Materials

restoring a drained wetland adjacent to a rock quarry

Kraemer Mining & Materials decided to expand its rock quarry and develop portions of its property for commercial use. The company contacted Barr to not only help it navigate complex wetland-permitting requirements but also to provide wetland restoration expertise.

The 75-acre site along Interstate 35W in the Minnesota River floodplain was historically a wetland. Due to changes in land use along what is now a valuable commercial corridor, the site appeared to no longer be predominantly wetland. A hydrologic study was required to document the presence of wetlands on the site. Preparing the site for development required engineering to replace unstable peat soils with structurally suitable soils. We developed site grading, drainage, and erosion-control plans and obtained permits to replace the soils and fill in the site.

We also prepared and helped implement a wetland mitigation plan, which included restoring approximately 16 acres of partially drained wetlands and protecting valuable uplands on property adjacent to the quarry within the river's floodplain. The backwater wetland area had been partially drained by a ditch excavated to allow water to flow from the wetland after floods. Our design, developed with sustainable principles in mind, restored the original outlet to return the wetland to its historic condition. This increased floodplain capacity provided water-quality benefits and restored wildlife habitat in a highly industrialized area—outcomes that were applauded by regulators. Many species of waterfowl, birds, and amphibians have been spotted in the wetland since the restoration, which also included intensive vegetation management.