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improvements to industrial park area

improvements to industrial park area
City of Hastings

sustainable design creates public space in heart of city's industrial district

Commercial and industrial development in Hastings, Minnesota, has increased steadily in recent years. In 2009, the city council approved large-scale improvements to the Industrial Park area and hired Barr to lead these efforts.

The project included redesign and reconstruction of damaged streets, retrofitting of street lighting, and construction of a bike and walking trail through picturesque Vermillion Falls Park, connecting the south side of the city to east neighborhoods. Stormwater management was improved by stabilizing and restoring a 2,200-foot eroded ravine, and by widening ditches and installing deep-rooted native prairie plants to create low-maintenance rainwater infiltration gardens.

The project garnered the support of business owners during tough economic times through cost containment and public outreach activities. The end result is a sustainable infrastructure system that, with the trail construction and ravine stabilization, creates an enjoyable public space in the heart of an industrial area.