work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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Burnsville natural resources master plan

Burnsville natural resources master plan
City of Burnsville

survey identifies vulnerable natural areas

To assess the ecological quality of natural resources in Burnsville, Barr conducted an onsite survey of the city’s natural areas. We mapped the entire city, including private property, to identify land cover type as well as developed and undeveloped land.

Our plan made recommendations for protecting and enhancing vulnerable natural resources as well as for monitoring, land management, and restoration. The plan also has an extensive urban forestry component, for which we evaluated and made recommendations for street trees, developed park trees, and natural area forests. Our priority recommendations included:

  • expanding buckthorn and invasive species control
  • creating a buckthorn brush pickup program for private landowners
  • creating a boulevard tree planting program
  • conducting a green ash tree-disease program
  • expanding a maintenance program for younger trees
  • creating a city center sustainability demonstration project
  • reducing deer populations in selected woodland restoration areas