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sustainable site master plan for corporate campus

sustainable site master plan for corporate campus
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Eagan, Minnesota

green site plan reduces energy consumption

Lockheed Martin's 52-acre campus in Eagan consisted of a central office building surrounded by large parking lots and mowed turf. The company called on Barr to create a master site plan to reduce its impact on the environment and provide an attractive landscape for its employees.

To reduce the facility’s carbon footprint, our plan incorporated permeable concrete to reduce runoff and capture stormwater to water the landscape. Installing a green roof and planting shade trees and wind breaks reduced building energy consumption and the urban heat-island effect. Incorporating native grass and shrubs reduced fuel and chemical consumption associated with maintaining large expanses of lawn. To produce energy on site, we suggested using use solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling, or a wind turbine.

The plan also included a strategy to grow food on site for employee use and created views from the building that looked out over a wildlife habitat, which offered opportunities for walking.