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watershed management plan for Nine Mile Creek Watershed District

watershed management plan for Nine Mile Creek Watershed District
Nine Mile Creek Watershed District

Barr has served the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District since its inception in 1959. In 2005 and 2006 we helped the district prepare its third-generation watershed management plan.

An important part of the planning process was public involvement. Barr participated in community gatherings and meetings with a technical advisory committee of municipal staff members and representatives from local and state agencies. Feedback from these groups was considered during every phase of the document’s development. This intensive public process not only provided the foundation for a comprehensive, user-friendly watershed management plan but also facilitated strategic partnerships among stakeholders.

Once the plan was approved by the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources, we worked with district staff to condense the 200-page document into a 28-page summary of the district’s 10-year goals and implementation programs for its public audience. Providing readers with photos, informative graphics, and definitions of technical terms, this overview serves as a strategic communication tool to increase community understanding and support of the district’s efforts.