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investigation and remediation of jet-fuel release

investigation and remediation of jet-fuel release
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United States

quick response facilitates cleanup at a major airport

When a jet-fuel release was discovered at a major metropolitan airport, Barr was called and immediately mobilized a team to help locate two releases and assist with product recovery. Investigation and recovery activities had to take place at night to avoid interfering with airport operations and all equipment had to be de-mobilized at dawn to clear the area for aircraft.

The two releases occurred at separate airport gates and we investigated them concurrently, along with a previous release at the airport tank farm. We installed more than 120 borings to the water table to determine the extent of free product and 20 recovery wells to recover it. In addition, the project entailed designing and installing oil-water separators at dewatering sumps as well as repairing sumps and weirs to isolate storm water from the recovered groundwater-fuel mixtures. 

We also assisted in negotiations with the state regulatory agency to develop an agreement on a path forward and goals for the project. We have since assisted with additional product recovery, installation of a monitoring network, upgrades to the fueling system, investigations to determine other fuel releases, installation of systems to recover fuel-water mixtures, and upgrades to the tank farm.