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St. Anthony Falls recreation resource management plan

St. Anthony Falls recreation resource management plan
Xcel Energy

facilitating a successful collaboration between industry, agencies, and the public

St. Anthony Falls on the Mississippi River is the site of one of the nation’s first hydroelectric power plants. More than 120 years later, the falls continue to generate power through Xcel Energy’s 12-megawatt hydro plant.

In 2004, Barr assisted Xcel Energy with relicensing of the plant by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). As a condition of its renewed operating license, the utility worked with us to create a recreation plan for a new riverfront park around the plant. Taking into account the site's history and its location in the heart of Minneapolis, we designed the park with interpretive stations, scenic overlooks, walkways, bike paths, and a bridge. We also provided construction-ready plans and specifications, assisted with bidding and contractor selection, and provided construction support.

We helped our client obtain all necessary permits for the park and coordinate approvals with federal, state, and local agencies. Opened in 2007, Water Power Park provides public access to areas of historical interest that had been inaccessible for over a century.