work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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suburban creek stabilized and connected to new channel

suburban creek stabilized and connected to new channel
Nine Mile Creek Watershed District
Hopkins, Minnesota

erosion reduced by restoring and remeandering creek

Barr evaluated and designed stream stabilization measures for the north fork of Nine Mile Creek. The first phase of the project involved stabilizing a 3,800-foot reach that flows through a deep, confined ditch bounded primarily by commercial and high-density residential housing. We armored the lower banks with native fieldstone and removed invasive vegetation and undesirable trees on the upper stream banks. Contaminated soils that were discovered were also removed and disposed of off site.

For the second phase, we constructed 3,100 feet of new, meandering channel to restore reaches that had previously been straightened. Because most of this is in a city park, more natural stabilization methods—such as root wads, vegetated reinforced soil slope, boulder grade controls—were used. Areas with exotic vegetation were replanted with native vegetation, and almost a mile of walking and biking trail was constructed to follow the new stream alignment.