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Nine Mile Creek Watershed TMDL analysis

Nine Mile Creek Watershed TMDL analysis
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

improving water quality through careful study

High turbidity levels, chloride, and biological impairment as measured by the fish-related index of biotic integrity put Nine Mile Creek on a list that no water body wants to be on: the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's impaired-waters inventory. Barr conducted a total maximum daily load (TMDL) study to assess the creek's water quality, physical integrity, and stream habitat (including assessment of benthic macroinvertebrate and fish communities) and identify potential stressors related to urban runoff.

Our detailed stressor identification and computer modeling of the creek and its watershed—calibrated to observed hydrology, water quality, and aquatic habitat conditions—enabled development of management strategies to bring the creek into compliance with agency standards.

In addition to the TMDL study, Barr's work at Nine Mile Creek has included a restoration of its lower valley and preparation of a continuous water-quality monitoring program. As a result of these combined efforts, the creek has been delisted for turbidity impairment.