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Bassett Creek area-wide groundwater study

Bassett Creek area-wide groundwater study
Hennepin County

jump-starting redevelopment of an underused urban area

The 284-acre Bassett Creek Valley in Minneapolis is poised for redevelopment. The possibility of light-rail service has increased interest in the area, but the valley has a history of industrial use dating back to the 1800s and more than 25 contaminated sites.

Characterizing and addressing groundwater conditions site by site can be costly and may discourage developers and investors. Barr is working with Hennepin County on an area-wide groundwater study that will provide a more comprehensive understanding of groundwater conditions in this neighborhood and streamline the process for obtaining liability assurances for redevelopment. We have summarized and synthesized groundwater data, identified data gaps, and developed a web-based geographic information systems (GIS) mapping tool to share the study results, help users locate sites and access data, and facilitate developer and regulator decisions.

The project has received enthusiastic support from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the city of Minneapolis, and local neighborhood associations.