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LED lighting analysis and selection assistance

LED lighting analysis and selection assistance
City of Osseo

city illuminated with two-thirds less energy and lower ownership costs

The City of Osseo needed a practical solution for replacing an antiquated lighting system as part of revitalizing its 30-year-old downtown streetscape. The city was interested in light-emitting diode (LED) technology that, until recently, did not provide sufficient light output for illumination systems and was fairly expensive.

Barr identified an LED product that performed as well as conventional metal-halide lamps and then conducted a lighting analysis to compare the two. The LED product used 40 percent less energy than an equivalent-performing conventional system and required about one-third the energy of the city’s existing system. Although upfront costs would be about 20 percent more than a conventional system, Barr’s analysis showed a simple payback period of about six years with an anticipated light-source life span of more than twice that.

Osseo's Central Avenue project was named the 2010 Project of the Year by the City Engineers Association of Minnesota. The city's use of new technologies, specifically the LED lighting, was singled out as a feature that distinguished the project from the competition.